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Punk Girl - my first illustration on Medibang

Only one study of painting using a new program for me Medibang Paint Pro >
Well, I only used it in the process and really enjoyed this program... I think I'll use in my process from now.

Review MediBang Paint Pro

Making a quick assessment, this program has many interesting features, though still I prefer to use for some things the Paint Tool SAI or the Photoshop.
I enjoyed the simplicity of configuring brushes, has more options than the SAI, but it's not as complex as the PS (which is more complete, and hard!). It is a free software and has a bank of brushes very cool. Also I liked the targeted resources for those who make Comics. Well, it's a mix of SAI with the PS which is something very interesting.
What I did not like was for example the lack of Layer Masks. In the SAI has a mask layers that I never knew how to use, but the PS I use a lot!
Another thing is the lack of blend modes directly into the brush. Something that is essential to me in my painting style.
Finally, I believe that a long time did not think a program as interesting with this. And I will use it in my process certainly!

Luiz raffaello punkgirl medibang2